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Do you pronounce the apostrophe in Italian?

From my latest video on YouTube:

"I promised myself I'd never be that content creator that makes videos like, "Stop saying this word! You've been saying it all wrong!" Because I think it's clickbait. But today, this time, oh, I'm saying it!

Stop saying the apostrophe!

The apostrophe doesn't have a sound. It's not a letter. You just joined two words, so you should pronounce it as one word. Like in English, you don't say it...S a kinda magic, right?

So... L'anello, l'animale, quest'anno, quest'albero, bicchiere d'acqua.

Read it as one word, as simple as that, please.

I hope that was clear. If it wasn't, or you need any other clarification about Italian or English or Spanish, which is what I teach, don't hesitate to write it in a comment or write me personally, and I'll be happy to help."

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