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About Sergio 

As my name says, I am very fond of languages.

I am Italian, and I speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German in order of fluency. I teach the first three languages professionally, and I am a certified language teacher. 


After my studies, I lived and worked in the USA, France, Ireland, Spain, and have been living in Costa Rica since 2009. I have students from a variety of countries, and I am familiar with many of their accents and customs. I love to observe and make treasure of cultural differences, and I wish for many to do the same. 


I teach absolute beginners through advanced, focusing on phonetics (accent, pronunciation, intonation), conversation, and in-depth grammar.

I specialize in people who are planning to travel to Italy for work, school, or vacation. I can give you pointers to better understand any regional variation in accent and lexicon, as well as better prepare you for the cultural differences between North, Center, and South.

Besides that, I am a vegetarian cook, permaculture gardener, potter, and somewhat of a woodcarver.


Get in touch for a chat or to schedule professional language lessons!

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