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I'm still alive!

You were wondering what happened with me, huh? Well, I’ll tell you!

A lot happened, actually.

If you’re following me for my series on how I learn a language, in this case, Turkish, I found out in June that I wasn’t going to visit Istanbul in September, which is when I said I’d be fluent by. Instead, it turns out I’m moving to Canada. Sometime next year.

But I’m still learning Turkish. So stay tuned for my updates on my progress!

One thing that happened in August is that my sweet, little cat Harini died. First-time pet griever. It was not easy and they say the pain never really goes away.

So I took a month of vacation.

You may have seen that Module 3 is out and I am about to finish Module 4. So, if you are learning Italian with me, good times ahead.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I’m still alive and I’ll be coming back very soon with content about Italian, Spanish, English, and languages in general. Also, thank you so much to all the new followers and subscribers who saw value in what I am doing even if I wasn’t active.

I am coming back also thanks to you. :)

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Hi, Galina! Eventually, Montreal.

Replying to

oh! che peccato! Vancouver is still 3 hours time difference :). it will be quite a climate change from Costa Rica though


Hi Sergio, whereabouts in Canada are you moving to?

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